is the space in between extremes
breaking barriers,
blurring lines,
refusing to fall into categories,
embodying the complexity of our everyday.
Spectrum fuels human curiosity,
and is at the heart of ideas worth spreading
pushing us to imagine past the boxes
we place ourselves in.
‘Spectrum’ reflects on the idea that our existence is riddled with complexities, with very few things falling into an easily definable category. Dealing with a spectrum means navigating the often overlooked grey areas and grappling with the ambiguity that lies in between extremes.
Join us on March 23rd
8am - 5pm
at the St.Lawrence Centre for the Arts.
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is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at U of T.

Dr. Mideo’s talk will attempt to answer the question, how much of you is, well, … you? And of the bits that aren’t you, what are they doing in there? She will explore how evolutionary insight may force us to reexamine our concept of ‘self’.

is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto and an Indigenous Rights advocate.

Riley’s talk will reflect on dominant perceptions of Canadian identity, and question if they are truly as accurate as we may think they are. She will challenge us to think critically about the identities we create and their ability to be changed. Ultimately, her talk will leave you asking: Is it time to reimagine Canada’s identity?

is a Doctoral student at The University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education studying curriculum, teaching, and learning and in the collaborative program of engineering education.

Stacy's talk will explore why puzzles exist and how they help us function in bettering our lives. They are more than time wasters used for amusement. With ancient roots, they provide cognitive, and social benefits in more ways than you might think.

is Professor of Philosophy and senior Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Perception at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Matthen will explore questions in the philosophy of perception, such as what happens when our senses, such as sight and touch, provide conflicting information about the world.


are a sister-brother duo from Toronto! Their music and art reflect their advocacy by challenging the norm and relating their experience of living in the margins.
They speak on themes of belonging, love and family and friends. Poetry and glitter help tell their story. They have performed around Toronto at  NXNE ,the ROM, the AGO, and at other various venues. Their work with the POC/LGBTQ+ arts community helps to uplift people and their influence in an alternative generation of creatives.