Big data and algorithms surround us in every aspect of our lives - they are reshaping our relationships not only with other people, but with ourselves and our own bodies. Mathematical modelling has fundamentally and irreversibly transformed modern healthcare, from the development of personalized treatments to the prediction of outbreaks around the world. Join us at Intersections, where we will explore the promises and perils of using mathematics to improve health.

A Salon is a more intimate TEDx event that dives deeply into one subject area. The TEDxUofTSalon: Intersections will feature 3 speakers working at the intersection of mathematics and health. As one of 100 curious attendees, you will be invited to interact with the speakers and with your fellow guests to discuss the ideas presented, ask questions, and explore the theme from different viewpoints. Experience an evening of ideas worth sharing, engage in lively discussions about the topics at hand, and create a deeper connection to the TEDxUofT community. 

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